With over 25 years of experience, ASTEC Global Consultancy has become one of the leading international consulting companies, providing first class advice and practical solutions for a changing world.


ASTEC has worked in more than 100 countries and currently works in:

Barbados, Bosnia, Brussels, The Caribbean, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus North, Ecuador, Ireland, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia, South Africa and Tunisia

ASTEC works in a number of sectors including:

•  Information and Communications Technology
•  Banking and Financial Solutions
•  Rural Development, Environment, Justice & Border Security
•  Telecommunications Regulation
•  Training & Development

Expertise and experience go hand in hand. ASTEC, headquartered in Dublin Ireland, is a global ICT consultancy that emerged from Ireland’s former State-owned telecommunications provider.

Over the past three decades, ASTEC has continuously provided the necessary skills and expertise to clients looking to develop strategies to maintain and create a competitive edge in a global business environment. Commitment, practicality and quality are the important characteristics of the ASTEC philosophy that has allowed the organisation to develop and maintain solid working relationships with the International Financial Institutions such as the World Bank, the EC and the EBRD

ASTEC is now the only Irish lead contractor for the EC External Services Frameworks which finance projects in countries beyond the current Member States.  ASTEC has consistently been the top performer in the ICT Framework for well over 10 years, both in terms of value and volume of projects, outperforming some of the major global ICT players.

In addition ASTEC is also actively working in the EC internal markets, working on various projects such as Consumer Legislation as well as Knowledge Management for the European Investment Bank (EIB).

ASTEC has a strong and diverse “partner network” around the world. This network of over 150 organisations includes specialist service companies and regional associate companies that are qualified to work on international projects.

ASTEC currently has international and local experts working on various projects across a wide number of sectors, including:

  • Management and IT consulting, software consulting including:
    • Monitoring and evaluation of the efficiency and sustainability of present IT systems
    • Design and development of Management Information Systems, Portals, data warehousing for all sectors
    • Design of ICT policies
    • ICT capacity building and skills development
    • Telecommunications Regulation
    • eGovernment
    • Border Security
    • eLearning