Meet the team

Joris François Potet
Noé Ostankovitch

Joris-François Potet, a graduate from Neoma Business School, has worked in the development aid sector since 2018 covering anti-corruption missions, due dilligence, business development, project management as well as the provision various backstopping services for experts. Since 2023 he is comitted full time to growing and developing Astec Global Consultancy.

Noé Ostankovitch is a junior project manager responsible for supporting backstopping services at Astec Global.

Technical advisory board

Dr Laurent Potet

Dr. Laurent Potet currently is a Team Leader for the European Commission's KHD and  a Digital Transformation Senior Policy Advisor for the European Commission. Laurent brings over 35 years work experience and a deep understanding of Astec’s sector and activities.

Mr Seamus McCann

Mr. McCann has over 25  years' experience in project management and business development worldwide. He has managed projects and completed assignments for major international financing institutions. He is co-founder of ASTEC Global Consultancy and currently holds the position of President at Consuting Ireland. He therefore brings with him an extensive address book.

Mr Cliff Anderson

Mr. Anderson has spent almost 30 years building up the international consulting business for telecoms operators, and is well acquainted with international financing institutions such as the World Bank and the EBRD. He is one of the co-founders of ASTEC Global Consultancy.

Dr Dalius Radis

Dr. Dalius Radis, a Lithuanian telecommunications executive with deep understanding and experience with national digital policy projects. He provides unique insights being a successful investor and CEO notably of Cellular Expert, a company with a cutting edge telecommunications and broadband network mapping technology.